About MowMagic

What is MowMagic? We're two guys who had the same idea:

I’ve got a lawn and usually mow myself, I just don’t have the time to mow my lawn all the time. I shouldn’t need to hire a landscaping company, who may take a week to get to my lawn and is going to charge me money for all of their equipment. I should be able to hire a guy who can show up the same day and go home happy and paid. In summary:

Why hire a pro when all you need is a mow?

Thus, MowMagic was born. Our goal is to pair up people who could use some extra money with people who need their lawns mowed.

If you’ve got more questions or ideas, please contact us at team [at] mow-magic.com or message use on our Facebook Page!

And you can check out the coverage MowMagic has received so far on our Media Page!

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